The Innovate X Virtual Fellowship is a dynamic two-day immersive program designed to foster entrepreneurial talent among South Asian undergraduate students. Participants will benefit from expert-led sessions, learning directly from successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders who will share their valuable insights and experiences. The program includes interactive workshops that engage students in hands-on sessions covering critical aspects of entrepreneurship, such as business model development, market research, pitching, and funding strategies. Additionally, the fellowship offers ample networking opportunities, allowing participants to build meaningful connections with peers, mentors, and experts in the field, creating a supportive community of aspiring entrepreneurs.
AAWASAR is a far-reaching youth empowerment initiative across all 7 provinces of Nepal seeking to cultivate a generation of capable and conscious youth. It aims to skill 25,000 in soft skills, guide 15,000 on economic opportunities, and train 10,000 in digital skills over 2 years. By facilitating experiential learning, building networks, and enabling youth across educational levels, AAWASAR strives to harness Nepal’s demographic dividend to shape a progressive future.
Project Shikshya is an empowering initiative by 100 Group with the support of Creating Opportunities, Sower Action Nepal & Routine of Nepal Banda seeking to uplift disadvantaged communities facing barriers to education. Through scholarships, skills training and coaching, it aims to promote equity and inclusivity while addressing systemic inequities underprivileged groups encounter. By facilitating access and opportunity regardless of socioeconomic status, gender, geography or disability, Shikshya strives to cultivate social justice and education as a fundamental human right.
Opportunities Talk is a collection of inspirational videos by Creating Opportunities highlighting how opportunities have empowered diverse individuals to transform lives and achieve dreams. By motivating global youth audiences with real stories of overcoming adversity, it aims to showcase the immense potential of opportunities to uplift and guide young people.
Opportunities Bootcamp, spans across Nepal’s seven provinces, providing aspiring entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds with a platform for collaboration and leadership development. Tailored for the youth, this intensive program offers valuable entrepreneurial skills, mentorship, and encourages innovation. With a focus on cultural exchange and mentorship, the bootcamp promises to be a transformative experience, empowering participants to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations with confidence.
Opportunity Conclave is a dynamic one-day program designed to empower Nepal’s high school graduates in choosing their career paths. Featuring renowned speakers and specialists, the event offers engaging talks, interactive sessions, and entertaining activities. Attendees gain confidence and optimism for their future careers while also having the chance to win prizes and enjoy musical performances. It’s a holistic experience aimed at inspiring and equipping the next generation of leaders.
Opportunity Accelerator is a 3-6 month incubator by Creating Opportunities designed to propagate 300+ startups expanding access to economic opportunities by providing seed funding, tailored mentorship, co-working space and investor networking. Backed by domain expertise, it offers high-potential ventures an intensive launchpad to achieve exponential impact and last-mile reach over 5 years.

Events & Programs

Provincial Coordinators

Provincial coordinators serve as the primary points of contact for CO in their respective provinces. They are responsible for identifying and communicating relevant opportunities to young people and organizations within their area. They work closely with district leaders and campus ambassadors to ensure that information about opportunities is disseminated effectively.